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Size Does Matter!

Sometimes large spaces can be just as tricky as the small ones to furnish, if not trickier. Here are some tips on how we approach these situations when we're out on a job.

1. Draw up a floor plan.  We are strong believers in drawing up a quick plan to help navigate our way through a space.  Take the basic measurements and work your way around the room.  Once you do this, it'll be an easy reference to see how/if a piece of furniture is too big or small.  Let the rug be your best friend!  It's a great stepping stone to begin the process. 

2. Pinpoint a focal point!  Depending on the layout of the space, the focal point may be a fireplace, a fantastic mountain view, or a built-in entertainment unit.  The furniture space plan within the room will be laid out based on what the focal point shall be.  This also helps divide large spaces and give each area a specific function.

3. Consider your space. Based off of the first two points, create a list of specific pieces you will need (rushing into buying furniture to fill up a space is a bad cycle some of us tend to get into when moving into a larger place).  By going into it with a plan, you are guaranteed success!

One fool proof way is to focus on design repetition. Some key ways to introduce repetition in your space is through colour, shape, form. Check out how Shift Interiors incorporated all three examples in this stunning space!

We hope, with our handy tips,  you'll be on your way to savvy shopping and well laid out spaces! 

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