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The Art of Hanging Art.

Let’s get to the point, we love art!  It plays an influential role in staging and styling any home.

Through our line of work we've noticed one thing, and it’s that each home presents its own unique circumstances when having to select art work/wall decor.  Through trial and error we've learned that there isn't a ‘right' way to hang art.  Besides, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves).

With that said, there are many different ways one can approach hanging and selecting art.  Here are some factors we take into consideration:

Size and Proportion

An easy way to achieve that perfectly curated look  is to let the furniture be your guide.  It helps set out the parameters you have to work within.  For furniture such as a sofa, console/buffet, or a headboard, we typically work 6"-8” from the top of the furniture to the bottom of the art, and in most cases the art doesn't hang over the sides of the furniture.  By defining the size of the space you want to work with, you can determine if you want to use one painting or multiples, and where to center/position them. 

Examples above by Home Ingredients


There are many different options when approaching the layout and placement of art.  It's important to have fun with it!  Here are some options:

  • Center the art on the wall or above a piece of furniture.
  • Create a gallery wall with your favorite collections, which can include prints, mirrors and       even sculptural wall decor.
  • Choose a large, over-sized, piece for a dramatic eye catching look.

When going with any of these options, it is key that the outcome feels balanced.  You may have to play around with different spacing between pieces  Start from the center and work our way out.

Height is also an important factor.   A lot of people don’t realize they've been hanging their art too high,!  An easy rule of thumb is keeping the center of the piece at 57”H.  This height also helps in making the ceilings seem higher.  High ceilings are always a great feature so being able to enhance that is a plus.  Who doesn't want that?


Take into consideration the style of your home and the style of your existing furniture.  These details are instrumental in our process of selecting what stays, goes and is added to create the ideal staged home.  If you are not staging, you can make your selections based on pieces that you are drawn to.  This could be your kid's artwork, a playbill from one of your favourite shows, or a large statement piece you find at an estate sale.  Don't be afraid to add your personality into your space!

Specify a theme. Whether it's Kitschy, Monochromatic, Hollywood Glam, or Eclectic, the outcome should always feel cohesive.  When selecting more than one piece of art for a room, find a common thread throughout the pieces that pull everything together.  This can be the colour and material of the frame, the tone of colours within the art, or repetition of item shapes.  No matter what, there's always a way to make it work.  Art has the benefit of tying in all the little details throughout a space, while also setting the mood and creating impact. 

Now don't assume you have to run out to the nearest HomeSense to create a perfectly paired collection.  You can easily achieve this look by using your existing pieces and getting them re-framed and matted, or by finding unique items at a flea market, or supporting local artists on Etsy.  It doesn't always have to match perfectly;  it just needs to coordinate and most importantly, you just need to love it. 

Make sure to check out this post we found by Emily Henderson! She highlights some key points on how to choose art and coordinate it with a frame. 

We would love to see your work, so make sure to show off your exciting art installations on any of our social media links below. While you're at it, share your tips and tricks. 

Until next time...

Stay classy.

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