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Weekend Fives // Tips for Decluttering

One aspect of our job is to provide clients with recommendations on how to prepare their homes to sell. One topic that's often brought up is how to declutter to best showcase their home for potential buyers. Here is our list of Weekend Fives to help you prepare your home one step at a time.

1. Create a Toss, Maybe, and Donate box. This step may seem the most overwhelming, but it's also the most rewarding. Let go of the items that you no longer need, the clothing you're no longer wearing, and the old toiletries that you're no longer using. These boxes will be the transition between keeping the items in your home, or finally parting ways with them.  We found this helpful suggestion through Apartment Therapy's January Cure last year, and it always stuck with us.

2. Start with flat surfaces. This being kitchen counter, side tables, dining table, and nightstands. Remove any items that don't apply to the space, sort, and put them away. If you start with these key areas first, you won't believe what a difference you will see within your space and you'll find the motivation to power through that daunting To-Do list.

3. Pick everything up off the floor. There is no need to have that stack of old magazines under your side table. If you can't live without them and don't have a specific place for them, find a nice basket to tuck them in. Clever storage solutions are your best friend for decluttering a space. Once everything is neatly tucked away and you remove the unnecessary items off the floor your home will seem more spacious.

4. Hide those cords! Make sure to check out Lifehacker's helpful breakdown of how to organize and declutter your entertainment center. By neatly arranging, grouping, and removing the visual distraction of messy cords, a space is immediately transformed.

5. Tackle one closet at a time. This project is nice because it is an easy way to work your way through your home without having to devote a large portion of time. By going around the house and organizing your closets based on their specific duties, you will be able to get rid of unwanted clutter that's accumulated behind closed doors. Out of sight, isn't always out of mind.

With these recommendations you're sure to be on your way to a more organized, clutter-free home. Let us in on some tips and tricks you may have for creating a nice and tidy home!

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