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5 Quick Fixes For The New Year!

The new year is still upon us and like you, we are looking to change up a few things in our homes.  Here are 5 quick, fun and inexpensive ideas  you can try to add a new feel to your home, and all within one weekend - how perfect is that?!  Often simply purchasing a small item or changing what you have can make a big difference to your home.  Let's get started!


A good clean-out of your space may seem very obvious, it's one of those chores we leave for the weekend, but somehow it gets overlooked, but often it takes no time at all!  Making a cup of coffee, or tea, and listening to your favourite music can set the mood and even make de-cluttering addictivepromise! 

De-cluttering can make a HUGE difference by opening and brightening up a space.

Tip: When de-cluttering shelving, think about keeping to a colour scheme, this helps to reduce the appearance of clutter and busyness of a room, as you can see in the Ikea example below. 

Source: Ikea


Use an afternoon to play around with your furniture.  Rearrange your table & chairs, maybe move the sofa or the console table - don't be afraid to experiment!  Think about using your console table to showcase your greenery, add some decor cushions to an unused occasional table to create a new feature in your room.

If you have more time, try changing-up the style of your wooden furniture with paint, sanding or varnish.


Feature walls can elongate a room by creating a focal point.  Think about a fresh coat of paint, keep to neutral colours and use a subtle contrast on the chosen wall.  Even think about adding a personalized gallery wall with picture frames, canvas artwork and mirrors along the stairs or above your media console

Tip: Think about using the feature wall/gallery wall to bring out a specific colour that ties the room together, as shown perfectly in the image below.

Source: West Elm


Adding a small inexpensive item can change the whole feel of a room, adding greenery can help to freshen up those lifeless nooks.  Investing in an area rug or throw is a great way to add a splash of colour or bring out a colour scheme.  If you are limited on space introduce a neutral textured rug adding depth and a comfortable "homey" feel to your place.  Alternatively, if you have a larger space or want something bolder, invest in a rug or throw that has colour, pattern and/or texture.  Your space will look instantly elevated with the new addition. 

Tip: Bring new life to that boring, unused unloved coffee table!  Purchase a few stylish subject books, maybe a statement candle or a couple of interesting coasters to brighten up the place.

Now that you have de-cluttered and added a few new items to spruce up your place, we guarantee you will enjoy hibernating this winter season.  Share with us your before and after photos and any tips you may have for your home 'quick fixes'.  


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