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Bedroom Of Your Dreams


It happened, Winter has arrived.  This is the time of year when the sweaters and scarves start creeping out of our closets and we begin to stay indoors a bit more.  Winter is a beautiful season for cozying up on the sofa with a hot drink and reading a good book till late in the morning.  Let the hibernating begin!

Often when there is a budget in mind and it is enough for making over one room, the bedroom is often neglected.  What many people don’t realize is that you don’t need a huge budget to achieve the bedroom of your dreams!  It is all in the little things that can make a bedroom feel like an inviting oasis from the cooler weather.  Just follow a few of these decorating tips and you’ll create a calm and comfortable bedroom, but don't blame us if you never want to leave your bed! 

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Rugs, Sheepskins, Throws and Pillows, Oh My!  For the ultimate way to get yourself ready for the day, place a textured rug or faux sheepskin next to your bed. Nothing feels better than stepping on a plush rug when you get out of bed.   

If you enjoy using cushions on your bed, introduce a variety of prints and textures - a relaxing and monochromatic look can be achieved by using similar tones for a luxurious and inviting space that you will want to spend time enjoying. 


Using wallpaper behind the headboard can help to make the room seem larger and give the bedroom the spark it may need.  When selecting a print we suggest selecting one that is soft in colour and has relaxing imagery.  The end goal is to create a welcoming space that you want to retreat to every night.  

If you have a smaller wall to work with a mural may be more suitable for you, they can be a less expensive route.  There is also a large variety of prints to choose from - something for everyone.  For those of you looking for a jumping off point for your bedroom, a mural can be just that.  It is a great source for colour inspiration and sets a the tone for the rest of the room. 

Here are our top favourites we just can't get enough of. 


Curtains:  Investing in black out curtains to prevent light from flooding your room will change your life. Good quality curtains will also help to block outside noise and insulate your room during the long winter months, perfect for hibernating! Floor-length curtains create a luxurious feel and will give your bedroom the illusion of higher ceilings. Check out this guide to perfecting your curtain hanging.

Plants: We always talk about bringing in plants, they bring the nature inside and improve the air quality for better sleeping conditions. If you have difficulty keeping plants alive opt for a succulent or a few bamboo stems. Check out this guide for indoor plants


Get Organized!  You may be thinking this is obvious but it is often overlooked with busy schedules and a focus on other rooms.  The smaller the room the more essential it is for effective organization, try and store small items in pullout storage drawers under your bed and remove any unnecessary items.

Get handy... think about changing that unused Ikea book shelf into a storage bench! Or think about making that boring jewelry box into something interesting on the wall.

It's time to reflect - the light that is.  Mirrors can trick the eye and make a room look much bigger - place mirrors across from windows to augment the natural light in your bedroom. You can also place a mirror across from a piece of art to call attention to it. 


Now that you have the bedroom of your dreams, you can enjoy your lazy weekend sleep-ins and nightly retreats. Please share with us your before and after bedroom photos and any tips that you discover along the way. 

Until next time!


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