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5 Fast Tips to Prep for your Home Stager

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The aim of staging is the process of creating interiors that allow buyers to imagine themselves in the home, so any personal pictures or ornaments that might mean the world to you, could distract a potential buyer from imagining the space as their own.  


Maximize your open storage space, a great way to do this is by purchasing decorative stacking boxes to hold and hide clutter. Another great trick is to use matching hangers, we think it makes a messy wardrobe instantly look more organized.

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A fast and inexpensive way to appeal to all potential buyers is by using a gender neutral colour scheme in the bedroom.

If you already have the perfect colour scheme?  Take the time to make any touch up paint jobs.  Its quick, inexpensive and can make a big difference.  

All you need to do then is sit back, relax and let us do our magic to make your bedroom POP!!


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4.       LIGHTEN UP

Letting in natural light makes a room look much larger, so avoid using oversized furniture and store away any unnecessary furniture pieces to open up the space and let the natural light in.


Kitchens always seem to be important for winning over potential buyers.  A fast modernization can instantly make a difference, consider a new paint or varnish for the  and sand on the cabinets with new silver or chrome handles and you’ll be set for an open house.



We hope that these tips help you get ready for your home stager.  Until next time! 

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