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Modern & Playful Condo - Part 1

Now that our new blog is up and running, we want to share with you some of our home staging and design projects. For the first installment, we’re starting off with a bang! Meet our client ‘London’.

In early Fall we were greeted with a unique call from a client in the UK seeking bespoke design. Having recently purchased a vacation condo in Vancouver for their family, London required it to be completed in time for the holidays. The primary requests included more light (extremely important to the clients), additional storage, and a kid friendly design for their two young girls.

They like modern furnishings with a West Coast feel, referencing both the UK home decor company Habitat, and Interior Designer, Kelly Hoppen.

We were immediately up to the challenge!

Highlights to feature:

  • Large windows that provide a ton of natural light into the condo.
  • A functional floorplan – this isn’t always the case with newer condos.
  • Dark laminate flooring with beautiful warm undertones.
  • Closets - the large closets allow for us to install additional storage  for our client.
  •  A working fireplace – an instant focal point!

Key areas to address:

  • The lack of general light. This requires new fixtures for the Living Room, Dining Area, Hallways, Den/Office and Master Bedroom. 
  • The need for storage solutions in the Living Room - Closed storage to house TV components, Den/Office - Open and closed storage for office supplies, and Entryway - Create an area near the entryway for quick access to keys, purses and other items. 
  • In the girls' bedroom it is important to create a functional and kid friendly space, which could be an otherwise awkward space.
  • A replacement fixture will be relocated to designate a dining space. The existing light fixture is currently placed too far into the living area and impedes the traffic flow. 

More updates from the 'London' project to come next week, stay tuned! 

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