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Our Favourite Trends of 2016


Bring in some opulence and sophistication into your home this winter.  Marble and stone made a huge appearance this year in the NY Now show, but don’t worry you don’t have to spend big bucks to bring this style into your home.  You can create the same look with smaller accessories. Think candle holder… table coasters.

Here at Home Ingredients we love using our Marble pieces!  There’s something about Marble that is organic, yet refined.  We often use Marble cheese boards, soap dispensers and coffee table's to create a statement staging modern homes.

Top Tip:  Purchase a Marble detailed candle or note books to get the same look.


Copper has made a huge appearance this year as part of the modern Scandinavian style. You can see it everywhere from DIY to Kitchen appliances. The perfect way to bring some copper into a living room or bedroom could be investing into a globular lighting fixture or with smaller accessories like planter pots or picture frames.

Top Tip:  Aqua Green and Navy Blue really help to bring Copper accents  to life, consider using pastel décor pillows, throws or a rug to get the perfect fresh minimalistic look. 


In the past, Grey has been considered a drowsy colour, but this year it's made a huge appearance!  This year we have staged many homes with light Grey walls and every time they show amazingly well.  Grey provides a neutral yet elegant base which works with any colour and style.

Play around with a Black & White picture frames with graphic pieces make beautiful gallery walls, the aim is to create a collective piece using 5 or 7 simple pieces, its amazing how much depth this technique can add to a plain wall.

Top Tip: Think about complimenting Grey walls with pops of Navy Blue, Black and White for the simple monochrome style.


What was your favourite trend of 2016?

Wrapping up Christmas!


Over the past few years we have seen the come back of brown craft paper.  This inexpensive material is the perfect base to showcase vintage Christmas style!  It's also a great way to get creative with your wrapping accessories.  If you're looking to keep your Christmas budget in check then consider making home made stamps or paper snowflakes to complete the  retro look.


Try something different by using smell to accent your gifts.  Think holiday scents such as dried cinnamon sticks, oranges and scent infused pine cones.  This something extra will make an impression on the gift receiver and make their home smell just like Christmas!


If you want to go that extra mile, why not give the gift of a sweet treat!  If you like to bake like we do, attach a single cookie or a small bag of decorated treats.  Not only does it look amazing but it's twice the surprise and twice as much fun.  Try mastering the perfect gingerbread man, or work on your icing skills by festively decorating snowflakes.

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I'm not talking about food here! I'm talking about freshly picked Holly or Evergreen branches, they make perfect wrapping accessories.  Why not make an event out of it with friends.  Take a long winters walk with Mulled wine in hand to see what you can find out in your nearby park.

For a little touch of glam, swap out the twine for some metallic washi tape and just like that it’s mid-century and chic.


Christmas is one of the few times each year that you can go extremely over the top with a theme.  If you have taken the time to decorate your home in a theme, then why not take the time to wrap the presents under your tree in a theme too.  Pick 3 colours and 3 or 4 patters in ribbon, paper and name tags to create the perfect collective look. 

Alternatively,  plan to use a theme and then end trying everything!!!!  Cinnamon, Gold, Plaid, Brown paper, fun name tags, and every type of wrapping paper you can get your hands on.  Why not mix it up and have some fun!?

Here at Home Ingredients we wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  Don't forget to share with us your best wrapping attempts. Good or bad we love them all!!

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